Here are some of our favorite sites to visit

Savage Circuits was a project website devoted to
microcontrollers and electronics and the projects we create with them.
Their goal is to create a community where tinkerers, experimenters,
hackers, hobbyists and engineers alike can share their ideas and
projects and even get help if they need it.

Parallax Forums

Let's Make Robots

The worlds biggest robot building community of it’s kind.
It is a free and volunteer based initiative, started in 2008,
and is 100% produced and maintained by members of the community.

Gadget Gangster offers electronic projects developed by the community.

Has a nice selection of intelligently designed,
precision engineered robot kits and components.

Your source for robot kits, robot parts, and robot electronics.

 Providing customers with a one stop robot shop since 2005.

The Shoppe at Wulfden

The Shoppe at Wulfden

Micro-Controller  Board Kits
Propeller Chip Boards,  Freeduino Boards, LCD Displays and more.

You’ll find general information about the instruction set
and architecture of AVRs on these pages as well as code examples and circuits.

Jorge J. Pareja’s Site with Free Software and “How To’s”
It features Gadgets for Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Parallax Propeller Microcontroller projects.

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