ZappBot Prop Bot-1.X – Propeller Powered Robot

Propeller Power Zappbot

Here is some information on Zapp Prop Bot-1.X

It is controlled by a Propeller Robot Controller Board Kit V1.02 by Wulfden, Click here to see the kit manual.

The board uses a Propeller Chip – 40-Pin DIP Chip micro-controller as its brain.

The Propeller chip is programmed in Spin Code.

This link documents the Assembly and Test of the Propeller Robot Controller Kit V1.02

The robot uses 2 Parallax (Futaba) Continuous Rotation Servos and a pair of Boe-Bot Wheels & Tires for motion.

A pair of Lynxmotion ASB-01 Aluminum Servo Brackets are used to mount the servos.

It is radio controlled by my PC via XBEE modules or runs in an autonomous mode.

I installed the Boe-Bot Digital Encoder Kit on the Robot to help it drive straight and detect stall conditions.

The Robot used a metal Ball Caster as a rear wheel, as shown in the Version 1.0 remote controlled video and Version 1.1 autonomous mode video. As of Version 1.2 the robot uses a swivel caster as the rear wheel.

I put together this robot as a learning platform to learn how to interface to the “Propeller” chip and program in the Spin language.

For the autonamous mode, I am using a modified version of the Spin code “TinkersALot” created for his “Mo Than A Boe-Bot”.

See the following link to the Parallax Forum thread with his code:…n-A-Po-Boe-Bot

In the autonamous mode the robot uses a PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor to detect the distance to objects.


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